I am a student working in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing. Currently, I’m pursuing my Masters degree at the University of Colorado Boulder. I’m also a research assistant at the GREYC Lab @ University of Caen, Normandy in France. My work here, supervised by Prof. Gaël Dias, focuses on Patch-based Identification of Lexico-Semantic Relations. If that is too much jargon, here is a dummy’s summary which anyone can read.

My research interests include Lexical Semantics and Deep Learning models for the prediction of symmetrical and asymmetrical relations between words.

When time isn’t tight, I like to read and learn about International Relations, public policy and macroeconomics.

If I’m working, I’m probably also listening to music. And if I’m listening to music, it’s probably one of these playlists on my Spotify.

My twitter feed is a lot livelier than this blog. You can follow me here.


  • Lexico-semantic Relations
  • Computational Linguistics
  • Attention Models for Identification of Symmetric and Asymmetric Word Relations


  • MS in Computational Linguistics, 2022

    University of Colorado Boulder

  • B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, 2019

    Shiv Nadar University

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